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I Can Record You...

I own and operate a small home recording studio called The Cheese Factory. I can record bands, solo artists, duets, whatever you want! $25 an hour after tax, and it's good quality too! Cheapest rate in town. I can also mix and master your project as well. Email to check for availability or request sound samples.


 Here is some of the gear I have available to use:



-Shure M67 modded to act as a 4 channel preamp

-Ashly SC50 compressor

-Roland Alpha Juno 1 Synthesizer

-DBX 163X compressor



-API 512C Preamp

-FMR Audio Really Nice Preamp

-1 x Neumann TLM 103 mic

-1 x AKG C214 mic

-2 x Audio Technica 2035 condenser mics

-1 x Audix D6 mic

-1 x Shure SM57 mic

-1 x Shure SM58 mic

-1 x Audio Technica AT812



-huge collection including Waves, Cakewalk, Voxengo, and Acon Digital favourites.



-Fender Blues Jr

-22 Calibre Amp into 2 x 12" Celestion Speaker Cab

-numerous effects pedals by MXR, Empress Effects, Boss

-Orange Micro Terror

-Waves GTR3 amp modeling software

-Pod Farm amp modeling and effects

-Peavey KB-100

-Acoustic guitars, electric guitars, lap steel, mandolin, banjo

-Yamaha Stage Custom drum set

-Percussion. harmonicas, and other noisemakers!