Joe Brownrigg

I can play solo or bring a band, originals or covers, or a mix of both!

Folk-rock, alt-country, rock n' roll, 70's rock and pop

Joey and The Rebels

Electrified dirty blues...Thorogood, etc..., covers +originals, lots of slide guitar

The Guilty Minds

4 piece band, original music

Soft rock, alternative

 Ugly But Still Tasty

Punk Trio

Influenced by Descendents, Face To Face

 The Derringers

5 piece southern rock and outlaw country cover band

Classic Rock Bar Band

Penny Ambitions

Irish folk tunes and originals, The Pogues, U2, Van Morrison, if it's Irish we play it.

The Cheese Factory

Recording Studio, $25 an hour

Full band or solo artist recordings


For booking and inquiries, please email