Welcome to JoeBrownrigg.com!

I am an Ottawa area songwriter and performer who has spent the last few years putting together several albums of original songs.

There is a button below that will take you to my bandcamp page where you can stream or download my tunes for free.

Pay what you can and support local music, or just share the tunes with other people and spread the love.

I also record and produce in my basement home studio, The Cheese Factory. Pretty much anything music related I try to hit it up! Guitar is my main instrument, but I regularly attempt lap steel, keys, harmonicas, mandolin, banjo and the drums!

I also play in a band called The Guilty Minds. Right now we're working on our third album.

And I'm working on a punk record with a trio, but that's a secret, so don't tell.

Here's the link to the music! Enjoy!